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of the dining-room, where the table was already laid. Behind
the boys, with Mr. Munn, sat Doctor MacDonald-and another
man. Doctor MacDonald cocked lankily back in his chair,
his brown hands lying on his knees, his face impassive.
From under his slightly lowered eyelids, he was regarding his
wife. Her back, as she looked up into her father's face, was
not quite turned to Doctor MacDonald. The line of her
cheek and the small, sober arch of her brow were visible. A
streak of sunlight fell across her chestnut hair, which was
drawn smoothly back to a knot on the nape of her neck.

Professor Ball shut the book clumsily with his bandaged
hands, pushed his spectacles into a firmer position on his thin
nose, and laid the book on the mantelshelf behind him.
Creakily, without a word, he sank to his knees, placed the
palms of his bandaged hands together before his face, and
closed his eyes. The skirt of his long, black coat almost
brushed the floor about his knees.

The five women, and the others, got to their knees, and
bowed their heads.

" 0 Lord," the voice of Professor Ball said. It paused; then
resumed. "0 Lord, who art above all things, for all Thy
blessings we thank Thee. And ask for Thy blessing, though
in our sins we are not worthy. But in our unworthiness, we
call out unto Thee. Thou hast shown Thy power and cast
the horse and his rider into the sea, 0 Lord, but desert us
not. Thou hast brought us over, 0 Lord, dryshod, but do
not let us linger in the wilderness of Shur. Nor taste the
waters of Marah, which are bitter, 0 Lord, and which now
we taste. 0 Lord, as Thou led out Israel to Elim, lead us now
that we may see the twelve wells of water flowing there, and
the three score and ten palm trees. Lead us, O Lord, and
smite those who would rise against our face." His voice
stopped, and the slow, brittle sound of his breathing was
audible in the room. Then, quietly, he said: "Lord, we
thank Thee, Amen/'

He rose, and, standing with his hands propped inertly on
the high back of a chair, looked away from the people before